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We have had a few trips lately that were tough fishing. We caught plenty of live bait, dropped on some wrecks but didn't have great luck.  We did manage some bonitos and a few sharks. So until the current  returns, which can be anyday, we have been going offshore for great edible eats.  The black belly rosefish and the golden tiles have all  been biting well.  These deep dwellers are some of the best eating fish in the sea, with pure white fillets.  The golden tile are also called the poor mans lobster, which are amazing.  Up in the northern atlantic,  you need to travel 60-80 miles offshore for these creatures, while here in south Florida its just a few miles out!  Our last few trips we have limited out on tilefish which is 1 per person Steve from Hallandale and the next trip with Angelo and Tony from Conneticut.   Lets go get some! Capt Matt

It has been terrible few weeks with the wind blowing steadily near 15-20 trying to get in some tarpon trips. tarpon were here good  from middle of Jan to recently. They have suddenly disappeared again prob heading back up north, since the water temp has come back up from 68 to around 73. We did get in some trips and one trip with Angelo from Pa,  we were 1 4 2, and the other trip with Hal from Miami  we were also 1 4 2. Shrimp were running thick in late Jan near that super moon and should be running again near the new moon this week!  Capt. Matt

Fished with John Jacobs from Hallandale on his boat, and Jon Tepper and his son Logan.  We knew we had a shot for wahoo with the big moon coming. Caught two monster Wahoo and a giant king with some beauty yellowtail mixed in.   It was some great fishing for all!! Capt. Matt

Mark caught his first dolphin and some mackeral, and a shark!

Took out my nephew, Mark who was visiting from Pennsylvania. We needed to get him a sailfish, since it had eluded him a few times. He finally caught his first sailfish, while doing a great job!  We also caught a nice Dolphin.  Congrats buddy!   

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