Its been awhile since I posted some reports,  time really flies.   Lately the fishing has been hit or miss.  It has been a dismal sailfish showing so far for south Florida, but the best days have been right after a front comes through.  Still the sailfish have not been thick as they usually are for this time of the year, but as the fronts try to make it all the way down here where we are,  it will only get better.  Dolphin have been scarce, but the ones you do encounter this time of the year are usually nice ones.  Tarpon fishing also has not been great for this time of the year, where they should be plentiful.  The tarpon have not shown themselves in great numbers yet, but a few have been caught.  The best bet has been bottom fishing so far.  Try an offshore wreck for muttons, since the groupers must be released except for the snowy groupers.   Vermillion snappers and tile fishing have been decent , especially with light winds  and  light current.   It is only going to get better and it could be in an instant!!  Capt  Matt

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