Fished with Greg and his son Steve of Hallandale.  Bait was really tough that morning to aquire so we trolled along the reef to see what bait would come up.  Caught a few bonitas ,  bridled them and put them right back out.  Steve said if we do get a hit it will be big,  and after 15 minutes the rod started to scream.  I was hoping it would be the zebra fish and we were right!  60 lber in the boat.  After high 5's went around and some screaming we went back and reset again with 2 more bonitas.  Knowing this was few and far between to get another, after about 30 minutes   the reel started to scream again and it was true, 2 beautiful wahoo boated.     Greg,at 81 years young did a fabulous job on the second wahoo , 25 lbs. and a dolphin topped it off!!!  Great day for father and son!!!!  Capt Matt                  

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