Took out Dave Orlando and Bob Rose from Brick NJ. for a half day of fishing.  Secured plenty of herring and live ballyhoo for our trip.  We saw a few frigates and busting bait showers close to the beach, so I trolled over to the spot and Bang,  one rod started screaming and then a nice splash way back and it was a nice dolphin in 30 ft of water.  This was the shallowest depth of water I had ever caught dolphin in.  Then it was a few bonita and mackeral on the way out .  Bob was on the rod when the flatline took off, the dolphin had him around the boat for a few times but did a great job hanging on to him with his glorious jumps, and landed a  15 lber.  Then it was Daves turn for a tough battle with a 40 lb king. The king was hooked near the bottom in 200 ft. Sometimes I thought the king was winning. but the end result David was victorious.  A great day for memories!!  Capt. Matt

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