We  met up with friends at Port Evergaldes, who followed us to Bimini.   Customs were over quickly and we were of to Chub Cay.  Fishing that evening for an houir or so, many fat yellowtails came over the rail.   Dolphin were on the agenda for this morning,  trolling all over the pocket west and south, we had scattered weed with few birds and  no dolphin.  We decided to bottom fish, a few honey holes from the past, and  no current and calm winds.  A few nice grouper were caught along with some sharks.   The next day we tried our dolphin quest again , but they were not eager to show up.   We did spot a whale, but again no dolphin.  Setting up for the bottom,  we did pull hard on a nice 18 lb Mutton.  More grouper around 8-10 lbs and more yellowtail.  The kings were so thick we had to move, hitting our bottom baits continueously.  The kings were all in the 15 to 40 lb class, not one snake being caught.   We could have caught as many as we wanted, but they were not our target species. (great fun though!!)    All of us wanted to try a new area since the dolphin were scarce, so we took off to some new grounds.  We ran to the gingerbreads and did very well with more grouper and yellowtail.  Always a great trip to Chub with your friends, and the grouper bite was on !!!!   Capt. Matt 

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