Finally we had a chance to get out after the constant wind.   Richard Chase of Plantation fished with us today.   We caught bait down at Gov cut and filled the well with thredfins and pilchards.   Caught a nice 25" spanish mackeral right away to get the skunk off the boat.  The wind was hard out of the north early and was laying down as the morning progressed.  Set up in 180' and we were greeted with a 9 lb. mahi.  Richard made quick work of the cow.   Heard of some sails tailin south from the tourn boats on the radio.    While boats all around us, the flat line took off and Richard fought the sail for about 20 min.  The kite was slow as well as the deep rod today.  Called it quits after half a day.   Sails will be heading down  in numbers with the north winds blowing hard later in the week.  Give me a call and lets get out there !!   Capt. Matt

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