Trying to catch up since last week, and the good news is sailfishing is hot! Had the pleasure of fishing with Brad Broussard of Hallandale on Tues.  Bait were goggle eyes and pilchards for the day.   We started off near Kew Biscayne and to our delight Brad fought an 18 lb cow off the flat line within 1/2 hour of setting up.  The bull hit shortly after, and went in the box. Brad fought a sail off the flat line and was released.   Saw a few frigates workin offshore,  we motored over and saw small tunas busting on the surface.  Sails were balling bait near the surface, and it was an incredible sight.   Picked up 2 blackfin tunas,   4-5 lbs each.   Caught  more dolphin and released another sail and the line parted away on another. Overall a great day with constant action!!  The sailfishing will only get better with the cold fronts.  If you want a sail,  now is the time.   Capt. Matt


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