Fished with Tim and Scott Himmleburger from York , Pa on Sunday.  They wanted to catch some bottom fish, so we got some live shrimp and plenty of chum.  Netted some hoo's and anchored up. Scott and Tim, both,were getting their share of snapper and yellowtail ,but Tim was in the lead.  Scott was getting numerous cut offs, so we put on some wire and the macks started coming over the rail.  Snapper and yellowtail were caught, with  porgies and mackeral, and grouper that were released.              

The boys wanted to try another day of fishing, trying to get their first sailfish.  The wind was coming out of the east, so we set up in 250ft.  Sea anchor was in place,as well as, 3 lines on the kite and 2 flatlines and a mid depth rod.  We drifted in with no action on anything.  I asked Tim to wind up the mid rod and the line started peeling off. Tim was rewarded with a snake king around 6 lbs. One of the flat lines took off soon and Scott was rewarded with a nice bonita.   We cranked everything up and went back out to reset.  The wind really picked up, and we set all lines back out.  Ten minutes later, the mid depth rod starts screaming and we were on!!  The fish exploded to the surface and as we had hoped, Scott was on with his first sailfish.  After a release and high five's we headed in.   Let's get out there for your sailfish!!!!  


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