Fished with Gayle and Bob from Kentucky last  monday.  The boys wanted to catch a sail, so  that was our goal.  We loaded up with pilchards and herring ,  and set out against a stiff 13 knot wind out of the east.  Set up in 250,  put out the sea anchor and some flat lines.  The SFE kite went up easily and I deployed the three kite lines, with Herring.  Not after a few minutes,  the stern flat line takes off, I  told Bob to pick up the rod and start winding.  The fish was on peeling line rapidily.  Being out this deep In the back of my mind I was thinking maybe a wahoo, but possibly a sail.  Bob fought the fish pumping and winding like a pro.  After about 10 minutes, (which seemed like an hour,) the fish was in sight, and what a sight.  I saw the beautiful stripes and a smile beamed from my face as I yelled WAHOO!!   Bob guided him to a gaff shot as I lifted him in,  weing in at a respectable 30 lbs.  Knowing he may go ballistic at anytime, I told them to back away from  him, knowing he could do some damage.  As hi five's were slapped around,  the fish went in the box.  The boy"s didn't know how nice a catch a wahoo was so I informed them.  The wind had pick up more and they decided it was too rough, so we headed in.  We did't get our sail,but a sweet  surprise from Mr. WAHOO!!   Short but sweet time on the Buffer zone!!!    Capt Matt

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