My brother Angelo came down from Pa to get away from the horrible cold  this winter.  He fished a few times down here before and I needed to get him his first sail.   Richard came with us, and we cought plenty of bait at oureliable spot.  the wind was comming out of the NW around 7-10 knots.  We decided to slow troll and heard of a few sails being caught in close.  Trolling for an hour, uneventful, we decided to put the kite up , with a little help from helium.  Drifting near 130 the short kite bait took a dive and line started peeling, I gave my brother the rod to engage and he was on,  immediately the mid line also took off and we were on with a double.  My brother was fighting his fish in the stern, as mine jumped off. Oh well time to concentrate on my brother's sail!  He couldn't believe how strong they pulled and it seemed the fish was on his way to Bimini.  Richard and myself were digging Angelo about how he got so close then the fish decided to go for a long ride, time after time.  What seemed to be forever, we were still ribbing him about how he could let this fish abuse him. Angelo did exactly what he was supposed to do but this fish was relentless.  Fighting for his life, putting on a spectacular show, leaping and dancing all over the water. Seemingly like eternity, we got the fish boatside for a quick picuture and a reviving release.  High five's and a big smile told the story! Nothing like a great time with friend and family!!   The first one you will never forget!!   Lets's start on number 2,  my brother said.  Richard and I looked in amazement and we got that one too!!!!!  2 for 2!!! What a day for the book's!!!!      Capt. Matt

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