We had the pleasure of fishing with Richard Chase Sr.  Caught some herring and pilchards inside gov cut at the usual spot.  Trolled out and picked up a few mackeral and a huge blue runner,  threw him in for later.   Looking for some clean water , we headed out deep.   Set up the kite and flat lines and caught some small dolphin after a few drifts.  I decided to put out the huge blue runner on a deep line to entice a bigger fish.   Richard was taking shots at me, saying the runner was too big and I just laughed back, thinking in my mind watch this!!  Not more than 5 minutes the rod sizzled, taking the light drag rapidly.   After a tough battle of 15-20 minutes we could see color.   A huge king appeared and we got him into the boat With high fives all around, we headed back home with a lasting memory!!!     Weighed in  42 lbs!!!

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