We fished with Jeff Pfarr from Finksberg, Maryland and a recent graduate from West Virginia University, (Go Mountaineers) on  Thurs. and Friday this week.  Jeff had never caught a sailfish, so we made it top priority to fulfill his wish.   Spent a while catching bait as we only had one angler and myself.  Filled up with some pilchards and plenty of herring with a few gogs from the day before. Had a few mackeral bites with no takers.  Headed for some clean water and heard the bite was already hot this morning.  Set up our usual drift spread, and when we hit 140 ....fish on!  Jeff picked up the rod and immediately his sailfish started jumping towards the blue.   I looked at Jeff and saw him grinning as I screamed sail on!  He fought him like a pro and had him boatside within 10-15 minutes.  We took a great pic with my go pro camera,  and some nice video.  After high fives , we set up again and had a triple header sail with one being lost and the other 2 landed. We ended up the day going 4 for 7 on sailfish.  What a great day for Jeff, having a lasting memory of his first sailfish, and having his Mountaineers whip Clemsen.  Can't get any better!!!  Lets get out there for your first sail!!!   Capt. Matt

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