The tarpon were biting, so I gave Dr. French a call to let him know the bite had been on for a few days.  He had fished with us before,  had one on but cut us off on the ledge down south so we were out for revenge.  Scooter Dickey , Bob Breen and Danny Nied were also onboard to tackle the silver king.  On our way out, I took them to a bait spot and they quickly  caught bait while shooting the breeze.  We had a Horse Vet from Gulfstream Park,  a trainer and two retired jockeys on board with us all trying to catch their 1st tarpon.  Doc was up first and on our second drift , one reel started screaming and the game was on.  With spectacular jumps across the water,the tarpon gave us all a sight to see!  Doc did a great job fighting the fish and we got him to boatside for a healthy release.  After big smiles all around we reset and now Scooter was up. It  wasn't long and he was also hooked up. Another great job with the fish, with another release.  Bob was up and guess what?  Three for three with danny left .  We made a few more drifts with no avail, and it looked like Danny was ought of luck. He whispered whenever your ready, to pack it in and just then the reel started screaming and we were 4 for 4.  Danny had a big smile on since it seemed to be the biggest fish of the night.  It was a hard fought battle but the fish conceded, and what a time on the water!!!  All smiles from ear to ear!!  Lets get out ther for your 1st Tarpon!!  All fish were around the 60 -80 lb range with Danny's around 100 lbs.   Capt.  Matt 

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