Fishing Reports

Fished with Tony and Angelo for 2 days, and they wanted some golden tiles.  We caught the limit and some blueline tiles to boot.  Caught some big porgies and nice vermillions also.  Capt Matt

Fished with Ralph from Connecticut for half day,  caught this nice wahoo in 180.  Few kings and mackeral also.  Capt Matt

January has been howling for at least a week, and we have been  unable to fish outside!  The good thing about the wind is when it stops,  fishing should be very good with dolphin coming closer and sail packs finding their way to the south. Its only going to get better!  Before the blow, Deep dropping has been very good with tilefish and vermillion snapper coming over the rail!! Lests get some meat fish!!  Capt Matt

Jon from Weston was out with us and we caught numerous kings.  Tried for sails ,but not today!  Capt Matt

Fished with Keke and his dad Jim from Ocala. Action started off fast and furious at the first stop, producing 4  nice Porgies.  Keke did a great job hoisting up these porgies from the deep. They also caught vermillian snappers.  We got a nice golden tile for the dinner plate also.  Nice eats!  Capt Matt

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