Fishing Reports

Jon from Weston was out with us and we caught numerous kings.  Tried for sails ,but not today!  Capt Matt

Fished with Keke and his dad Jim from Ocala. Action started off fast and furious at the first stop, producing 4  nice Porgies.  Keke did a great job hoisting up these porgies from the deep. They also caught vermillian snappers.  We got a nice golden tile for the dinner plate also.  Nice eats!  Capt Matt

Fished with Mike from Hollywood.  He wanted to try some deep dropping so we headed out looking for some meat !  It was a spectacular day,  catching numerous giant porgies,  blackfin snapper and vermillian snapper, Snowy grouper!  Was one of the best fishing days, action was non stop!! Want some deep drop fish?   Capt Matt

Fished with Greg Bova from Hallandale, he caught numerous kingfish, biggest  19 lbs.  Greg also caught some spanish mackeral and bonitas.  He topped it off with a nice blueline tile.  Capt Matt

Mitch from Egg Harbor, fished with us for half day, action was on the slow side but we did manage a few keeper dolphin and a spanish mackeral.  Not all days are spectacular ,but we did get some meat for the table.  Lets get out there!  Capt Matt

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