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The winds have been keeping us away from fishing for many days.  We get 1 or 2 days to fish out the week, so we need to make the best of it!  Otherwise the sailfish have been on and off, kingfish the same, some days get our limit quickly other days it takes awhile.  Some mutton snapper have been biting while the grouper season is closed.  Dolphin are still hear as late as Jan, but they have been more scarce as of now.  Tilefish season opened in Jan, and we have been  usually catching our daily limits regularly.  Spanish mackeral are being caught with some nice cero mackeral as wel lwhich are usually much bigger.    Winter fishing is in full swing!!!  Capt Matt

Fished with regular guests Steve and his dad Greg, from Hallandale.  We caught plenty of bait at our spot, and headed out.  Caught a few bonitas quickly, then set up.  Steve caught a beauty king of 27 lbs. on the down rod and  Greg added a nice king of his own.  The reward came about an hour later, when a sweet 30 lb WAHOOOO was brought into the boat with grins from ear to ear.  Fishing is very good now lets get out there!!! Capt. Matt

Took out Dave Orlando and Bob Rose from Brick NJ. for a half day of fishing.  Secured plenty of herring and live ballyhoo for our trip.  We saw a few frigates and busting bait showers close to the beach, so I trolled over to the spot and Bang,  one rod started screaming and then a nice splash way back and it was a nice dolphin in 30 ft of water.  This was the shallowest depth of water I had ever caught dolphin in.  Then it was a few bonita and mackeral on the way out .  Bob was on the rod when the flatline took off, the dolphin had him around the boat for a few times but did a great job hanging on to him with his glorious jumps, and landed a  15 lber.  Then it was Daves turn for a tough battle with a 40 lb king. The king was hooked near the bottom in 200 ft. Sometimes I thought the king was winning. but the end result David was victorious.  A great day for memories!!  Capt. Matt

Took JC Kirk out for some rosefish.  Caught enough for his family.  Jan starts tilefish season.  Give me a call and lets get some of the best eating fish outhere!!  Capt Matt  

Its been awhile since my last report so lets fill you in.   The dolphin bite has been very hot even up till I write this report>  The winds have blown from the east for days,  which brings the dolphin in close.  I have caught them in as little as 30 ft out to 600 ft.   Jim and Steve fished with us i Nov and had some nice catches of dolphin, mackeral and grouper.  Capt. Matt

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