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Its been awhile since I posted some reports,  time really flies.   Lately the fishing has been hit or miss.  It has been a dismal sailfish showing so far for south Florida, but the best days have been right after a front comes through.  Still the sailfish have not been thick as they usually are for this time of the year, but as the fronts try to make it all the way down here where we are,  it will only get better.  Dolphin have been scarce, but the ones you do encounter this time of the year are usually nice ones.  Tarpon fishing also has not been great for this time of the year, where they should be plentiful.  The tarpon have not shown themselves in great numbers yet, but a few have been caught.  The best bet has been bottom fishing so far.  Try an offshore wreck for muttons, since the groupers must be released except for the snowy groupers.   Vermillion snappers and tile fishing have been decent , especially with light winds  and  light current.   It is only going to get better and it could be in an instant!!  Capt  Matt

Greg from Hallandale fished with us on Thursday Nov. 7.  We caught numerous blackfin tuna and skipjack tuna, around 5-10 lbs.  Later in the morning we fished with the kite and caught 4 nice mahi mahi  12-15 lbs.   Some bonitas and spanish mackeral also had their demise.  Great morning trip!!Lets get out there,  its only the start of great fall fishing!!  Capt. Matt

The fall migration of baitfish is here.  Schools of mullet and pilchards are around Haulover cut.  That means the the predators will be close behind.    Snook, bluefish, mackerel and jacks are feeding along the beaches and inlets.  Soon, the first cold fronts will be here,  and with the drop in water temperature, the fishing will heat up!   Dolphin are hit or miss offshore, kings are here and there, but the bottom fishing is good.  Some wahoo were caught near the full moon.   It's only going to get better!  Capt Matt

I will be fishing up north for several months and will keep everyone posted!!  Capt Matt.

Fished with Trainer Tres Abbott and jockey Forest Boyce looking for                                                                                            big tarpon to add to his list.  We made a few drifts over an hour and not much but a spanish mackeral, ladyfish and some bluefish.  Finally ,  after some patience the reel  sang with that beautiful noise, Zinggg.....  The fish showed himself and what a fish!!  100 plus pounds of pure muscle, thrashing and jumping at will.  Tres did a beautiful job winding and pumping till his arm went numb.  What a great job on the reel, and what a trophy!!  100 plus pounds!!!!   Lets get out there for your fish of a lifetime...... Capt. Matt

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