Fishing Reports

I will be fishing up north for several months and will keep everyone posted!!  Capt Matt.

Fished with Trainer Tres Abbott and jockey Forest Boyce looking for                                                                                            big tarpon to add to his list.  We made a few drifts over an hour and not much but a spanish mackeral, ladyfish and some bluefish.  Finally ,  after some patience the reel  sang with that beautiful noise, Zinggg.....  The fish showed himself and what a fish!!  100 plus pounds of pure muscle, thrashing and jumping at will.  Tres did a beautiful job winding and pumping till his arm went numb.  What a great job on the reel, and what a trophy!!  100 plus pounds!!!!   Lets get out there for your fish of a lifetime...... Capt. Matt

We fished with Roger and some friends on his 42 Tiarra.  We hooked up after 2 hours of drifting!! Nice sword to break his maiden on the boat!!  100 pounder

Went out with Ralph from New England.  Fished only a few hour trip and we  caught a new kingfish record of 45 pounds for the boat!!  Beauty of a king and beat the storm!!!  Capt. Matt

Fished in January, with Liz, Mary and Mr. Brodie.Liz is a trainer at Gulfstream Park, with friend Mary and owner Mr. Brodie.    It was on his bucket list so I did my best looking for Mr. Tarpon.  After a few drifts the drag started to scream and we were on! The tarpon was punishing for the recipient but Mr. Brodie hung in there, and after a 45 min battle he had his trophy!!  What a dream come true!!  Capt. Matt

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